Key Facts

Key Facts!


The Nigerian Capital Development Fund Limited by Guarantee is a private establishment, Incorporated in 2010. The initiative was endorsed by Former President of Nigeria, Alhaji Umaru Shahu Musa Yar’ Adua.


The Nigerian Capital Development Fund was formed following extensive studies on the need to support the Nigerian Government in achieving their sustainable developmental objectives. It is clear that governments alone are not sufficient to address the needs for development of the people and communities.


Our mission is to create jobs, build wealth and develop communities using investment as a tool for economic development.                                                                                                      


NCDF acts as a champion to help increase awareness of, and confidence in impact investing in Nigeria.                                                                       


In 2011, NCDF set up a special corporation “NCDF Investment Limited” as an Investment Holding Company and a Venture Capital Fund Manager. NCDF Investment Limited was licensed in 2012 by Security and Exchange Commission.


NCDF facilitates public private partnerships for access and delivery of programmes and solutions which directly address the challenges of low income population and create empowerment by promoting local economic growth and building local leadership.


NCDF’s portfolio of investments is valued at 2 Billion Naira this includes 7 growing social enterprise businesses. As at 2016, NCDF has created 5,152 jobs, developed and grow revenue of the portfolios at 17%.


NCDF manages direct and indirect investments from private and institutional investors, both local and international to deploy into impact investments. We also work with Development Financial Institutions to raise capital.


In 2015, NCDF established Social Enterprise Academy to accelerate mainstream adoption of social sustainability into the heart of business strategy by developing leadership and enterprises through capacity development, entrepreneurship and finance.


NCDF team consists of commercial, high profile professionals who are focused on using their capacity and the business opportunities to stimulate sustainable growth, ultimately improving the lives of people and communities.

Nigerian Capital Development Fund, INVESTING FOR PUBLIC GOOD !