NCDF Affordable Housing Limited (Developer), a subsidiary of Nigerian Capital Development Fund. This is a company incorporated for designing, building and management of affordable housing projects for the NCDF Affordable Housing Initiative.

This provides a variety of affordable housing services for people and the community through assisting in the development of affordable multifamily housing estates. Our highly skilled team of Construction Professionals know how buildings are put together and have been responsible for the designing, building and project management.


NCDF/FGN Partnership - NCDF and Federal Government through Federal Ministry of Housing signed Public Private Partnership Agreement on 09/2012 to provide Affordable Social Housing for Nigerians. The partnership recently delivered 50 units of 2 & 3 Bedroom Bungalow houses as prototype and pilot scheme for the collaboration at FGN Estate, Kuje, FCT and reduced the cost of construction by 50%.

NCDF/Benue State Partnership - Similarly, the Benue State Government on 05/2013 through Public Private Partnership Agreement with NCDF on developing affordable housing estates donated 100 hectares of land for construction of 1,000 units of homes.

NCDF/Imo State Partnership - In same line by 02/2013 Imo State Government entered into partnership with NCDF on Affordable Social Housing and allocated 30 hectares of land to develop 300 units of low income housing estate.

NCDF/FCT-VIO Housing - NCDF delivered 3 units of a 3-Storey multi-family building containing 24 units of 2&3-bedroom apartment in Abuja.

Microfone Telecom Nigeria Limited is a company that provides affordable and sustainable telecommunication services to smallholder farmers in Nigeria. Microfone Telecoms is licensed by Nigerian Communications Commission as a Virtual Mobile Network Operator, Internet Service Provider and Prepaid Calling Cards Operator. It started its journey with a community phone program created to empower rural women and youths of Nigeria. Right now, it is focusing on quick and timeless access to information within the less privileged regions in order to create employment, and increase productivity.


Microfone Telecom Nigeria Limited launched a commercial phase of connecting farmers in Nigeria (new e-Agriculture Services) on February 5, 2013 to offer an increased range of services for farmers and people interested in the agricultural sector mostly in the rural area.

  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture in Partnership with Nigerian Capital Development Fund launched community Phone Shop for 1,000 Youths in 06/2013 which offered 1,000 employments for youths in 100 villages with more than 55% employment were secured by women.
  • Currently, in line with Connecting Farmers Initiative (E – Agric) of Nigerian Capital Development Fund is partnering with Federal Ministry of Communication and Universal Service Provisional Fund to provide broadband internet services to rural communities mostly farmers through E- Agric Services.

Oduduwa Heritage Tourism Limited is a vehicle corporation for managing Oduduwa Heritage Development Project. The Oduduwa Heritage Tourism Limited is charged with the full responsibility of managing the Oduduwa Heritage Development Project, delivering of high quality services and well placed arts and adequate cultural representation of the philosophy and ideas of Oduduwa, thus making it an Ifa Pilgrimage to tourists across the globe.


Evidences have shown that annually on the average about 150,000 tourists visit Nigeria on the platform of Tourism for traditional religion festivals, shrines and other cultural practices of great values.

However, it is factual there are over 2.7 Million Ifa Olokun Worshippers who actually believe and practice Yoruba traditional religion in South and North America alone. This tourism project will also benefit this population by creating opportunities for knowledge, cultural practices and religious practices beyond online or distance experiences. The implication of this scenario is that, developing Tourism Parks in Ile-Ife and Osogbo, Osun State will benefit much from the global tourism advantages directly promoting our national economy positively.

Ile-Ife was founded over 5000 years as the origin of the Orunmila/Oduduwa and Orisas, “the Yorubas”. However, the origin and story of Osun Osogbo festival started over 1000 years ago as an annual sacrifice to a river goddess, it later became a celebration of a river goddess over 700 years, but today an international celebration of cultural events with about 850,000 attendees from all over the world.

The Ifa Olokun is no longer the religion believe of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, it has become a global religion with people practicing in Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Republic of Benin, Togo, Canada, and the United States. Recently, in similar vein, The UNESCO designate the Osun Osogbo Grove as a World Heritage Monument beyond the shores of Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, to the whole world,”

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