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NCDF Impact Investing-Press Release

Institutions and individuals can earn a financial, as well as a social, return on their investments through NCDF’s social impact investment notes

Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) is a community investment corporation, a mission entrepreneurial entity. We are championing impact investing and increasing the awareness and confidence of impact investing in Nigeria. We seek to create jobs, build wealth and develop communities using investment as a tool for economic development. Our business model demonstrates that connecting communities to the capital market is a sound investment opportunity and has the ability to deliver excellent returns on investment while significantly impacting the lives of people and communities.

NCDF announced the plan to launch NCDF Impact Investment Note 1, a new offering of ₦7 billion ($20 million USD) fixed-income that allow retail and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in the mission-driven organization’s nationwide efforts to create social impact for underserved communities.

The Notes are available for as low as ₦1 Million Naira, individual and institutional investors, fixed interest rates with maturities that range from 1-10 years through NCDF Investment Limited. The Prospectus, Pricing Supplements and information about how to invest will be available to the public on NCDF’s website, which offers products to investors that align financial goals with personal principles through values-based investing.

Anyone with questions can also email

NCDF will use proceeds from the issuance primarily to support projects focused in Affordable Housing Development, Women Economic Empowerment and Social, Small & Medium Enterprises (SSME’s). These efforts are part of NCDF’s work to foster affordable housing, job creation, wealth creation and overall economic development.  

With over 1,152 jobs created and 10 enterprises till date, NCDF has evolved into one of the most progressive and most innovative non-banking institutions in Nigeria, able to drive growth through the funding of pivotal initiatives in some of the key sectors of the economy ranging from Agriculture to Housing development and Tech, targeting at improving the lives of the over 200 million people living in Nigeria, and invariably, make an strong impact globally.

The NCDF in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria signed a Public Private partnership Agreement which has led to the provision of affordable houses, disbursement of fertilizers to farmers, access to E-Wallet and E-Agric and capacity building symposiums to numerous cooperative societies in Nigeria.

NCDF has contributed immense impact on economic development with its wealth creation strategies and the investment in diverse projects and social enterprises which led to the creation of Social Enterprise Academy that has tutored and mentored over 500 entrepreneurs.

NCDF, being Nigeria’s pioneer impact investing organization has helped to create awareness and confidence in impact investing in Nigeria

Over the past decade, NCDF has achieved positive social change in underserved communities through a multi-pronged effort that includes delivering strategic financing to projects that increase access to social services, incubating new programs, and providing capacity building to help grow organizations serving their communities.

 “As a mission-driven organization, it is incumbent on us to consistently demonstrate both our strong financial performance as well as our ability to create social impact for those communities most in need. Received several awards as well as recognition from other third-party organizations, illustrates our consistency in maintaining this critical track record.”

In addition, NCDF has received a number of independent validations that illustrate its efforts to drive impact for underserved communities, including:

Your Projects & business models are brilliant and relevant for sustainable development.” – Goodluck Jonathan (Fmr. President, Federal Republic of Nigeria)

We believe access to affordable basic products and services for the low income earners and grassroot communities is the key opportunity to unlock poverty in our society” – Dr Umar Musa Yar’Adua (Fmr. President, Federal Republic of Nigeria)

We read with great interest the different projects and programmes you aim to undertake that are aligned with our own objectives on poverty alleviation” – African region, World Bank

We commend your initiative, USAID looks forward to an opportunity to work with your organization to support SSME’s in future” – Ron Greenberg (Director, Office of Economic growth and Environment USAID/Nigeria)

The idea and your programmes are laudable” – Olusegun Obasanjo (Fmr. President, Federal Republic of Nigeria)

NCDF Impact Investing Program focuses on four key sustainable investing segments:

  • . Strong Social Impact
  • . Financial Viability
  • . Scalability
  • . Best Practice

The proceeds we earn from this Notes offering amplify this work and help ensure we can engage communities to break the barriers to success.


This press release is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

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