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Social, Small and Medium Enterprises (SSME) represent the majority of businesses in Nigeria and plays a key role as drivers of economic growth and employment; therefore it is crucial to support their growth and innovation. Over the years, traditional sources of financing for MSMEs have revolved around personal savings, loans from friends and family, and other informal sources.

Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) place significant priority to Social, Small and Medium Enterprises (SSMEs) in Nigeria by promoting effective solutions for access to finance and entrepreneurship. MSME provides over 70% of formal jobs on average, help in poverty alleviation, improved productivity, innovation, and social mobility.

NCDF invests patient capital in the form of debt, equity, and venture capital finance to Social, Small and Medium Enterprises. We enhance the organization’s strong commitment to innovation, supporting local businesses to enhance profitability, scalability, and development.


NCDF in partnership with Social Enterprise Academy launches SSME Access, it is an Access to Finance and Entrepreneurship programme designed to support young entrepreneurs to create and grow scalable self-sustaining businesses with measurable social impact. Our goal is to create sustainable 100 new enterprises and jobs.

The SSME Access provides a package of access to capital, technical assistance, business advisory, training, and policy support. We develop mechanisms for delivering short term and medium term projects and also facilitate Viability Gap Funding (VGF) support that is economically justified over the long term for private investor’s attraction through our partners. Since its launch, the SSME Access has been working to fulfill its main Objectives and sustainability.