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Housing Development

Housing is a global opportunity that is real and relevant. Research has shown that Nigeria currently has a shortage of 16 million units of houses amounting to $150 billion US Dollars in market value.

It has been projected that Nigeria needs a minimum of 900,000 units of houses per annum in order to solve its housing crisis and offset her over 16 million deficit within the next 20 years. According to United Nations projection, Nigeria is expected to hit over 350 million people by year 2031 which more than double the present population.

Looking at the statistics, we see that there are tremendous opportunities in the Nigerian housing sector waiting to be tapped. We also noted that the government alone cannot fill the housing gap.


NCDF Affordable Housing Partnership is an initiative for delivering affordable homeownership to low and middle-income households in Nigeria; leveraging on the resources available in the private and public sectors, while encouraging foreign investment.

The Initiative is targeted at contributing towards solving the problem of housing shortage in Nigeria, creating jobs for the youths and supporting government’s efforts to provide and create enabling environments; it is part of the measures to ensure that the sector contributes the expected 20 percent of the nation’s GDP.

NCDF Affordable Housing Partnership Initiative formed a synergistic relationship by entering into a partnership with government and development partners to develop and deliver affordable housing that are cost-effective, of good quality and accessible to those in greatest need.


NCDF Affordable Housing Limited  (Developer), a subsidiary of The Nigerian Capital Development Fund is an incorporated company with the responsibility to design and manage the affordable housing projects, providing affordable housing services for people and community, and assisting in the development of affordable multifamily housing.