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Impact Investing is an investment approach with the intention to generate financial returns alongside measurable, positive, Social and/or Environmental Impact. NCDF Impact Investing programme seeks to put capital to work for purpose and performance.

Impact Investing serves as a new investment strategy within many different organizations, and funds – nonprofit and for-profit – with the intention to solve everyday problems such as: hunger, inadequate healthcare, unsafe water, inequality, and challenges associated with climate change and a lack of natural resources.

What We Do

Our programme is designed to help partners with their goals — both financial and non-financial, to provide sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges through Impact funds management and investment.

The Idea

The idea is simple – to invest in efforts that not only provide a financial return on investment but also target specific social needs.

The Opportunity

There is a growing demand — and greater opportunity — to bring together social or environmental impact and financial returns.

Market Drivers

More and more investors — from major global institutions to individual investors — are looking to achieve their financial goals and fulfill obligations in a way that delivers a long-term positive impact in the world.

NCDF Impact Investing Program focuses on four key sustainable investing segments:

. Strong Social Impact

. Financial Viability

. Scalability

. Best Practice