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impact investing

NCDF Impact Investing programme seeks to put capital to work for purpose and performance.

NCDF Impact Investment Note is a fixed income program that invests in projects and enterprises that tend to solve societal and/or environmental ills whilst also generating good financial returns. It provides a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to invest in our portfolio to create impact for people and communities.
With 90.8 million Nigerians now living in extreme poverty, 21 million unemployed and 108 million Homeless with the majority using traditional cooking stoves emitting excessive carbon and smoke pollution and damaging health and livelihoods; living without electric light either in darkness or by burning kerosene at health and financial cost; living without access to clean water with attendant damage to health and livelihood, with chronic infrastructure shortages, poor level of education and the high cost of living. Therefore the need to focus on socio-economic development for the betterment of the economy is imperative.
Impact investing is increasingly recognized as an emergent investment solution that is addressing social challenges with the potential for scale. The field has seen significant and accelerating activity over the past decade. According to GIIN (Global Impact Investing) Estimates of the size of the market, and its potential range from US$650 billion to US$1 trillion by 2020 and also expected to generate between US$183 billion and US$667 billion of profit during the same period.
In a market with such a promising future which comes with dual benefits on both the society and the investors, the need to engage in impact investing cannot be overemphasized.
NCDF Impact Investment Note is an investment opportunity to address social challenges with good financial returns. It is a promising future coming with dual benefits for both investors and society.