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NCDF Sets To Become The First FairShares Institution In Africa


Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) is set to become the first FairShare institution in Africa. NCDF is known as a community investment corporation, a mission entrepreneurial entity.

The institution provides innovative capital solutions and technical assistance to support enterprises and communities.

NCDF Chairman/CEO, Hon. Hareter Babatunde Oralusi stated that the FairShare is a philosophy to creating and sustaining networks of united enterprises that will share power and wealth among their entrepreneurs, producers, consumers, and investors.

He added that its effectiveness is connected to its resources for self-governing of social enterprises, operating as companies, cooperatives, associations, and partners. The model promotes recognition of capital contribution which includes natural, human, social, intellectual, and economic and finances by founders, labors, users and financial supporters where every stakeholder is allotted a fair share of the wealth and power created by the business.

In the same vein, Hon. Oralusi said Prof. Rory from shell field business school, co-founder of fair share coop and Cliff Southcombe, MD of Social enterprise Academy international and co-founder of fair share coop will be visiting Africa to finalize plans on the project.

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