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Sustainability is integral to the delivery of this vision, and in helping to tackle the wider challenges we face as a sector.

To build a sustainable business that delivers value for stakeholders, employees, partners and communities we must act responsibly. Our approach to sustainability will help us to maximize long term value for communities, the environment and for the economy.

To embed sustainability throughout Nigerian Capital Development Fund, we will focus on the issues that matter to our clients, partners, shareholders, employees and other key stakeholders, while setting long-term goals that define an ambitious future road map. We are committed to integrating our sustainability principles into the way we work, as set out in our Sustainability Policy.

Our Principles

  • Keeping people and environment safe

  • Being a trusted partner

  • Building strong community relationships

  • Ensuring strong financial health of our businesses.

Our Priorities

  • Customer first

  • Building excellence

  • Investing in our people

Stakeholder Engagement

We engage with a wide variety of stakeholders to help us understand and address the wider social, economic and environmental contributions we can make, and the issues that may impact the Group.

We commission research to inform the development of management thinking, and to engage the sector in debate on specific issues. We communicate key messages to our employees internally concerning our sustainability progress in line with our business principles and priorities.

Shaping Priorities

NCDF initiatives are focused on the benefits to the people and the entire community development opportunities with our business strategy.

As a result, we continually engage with a diverse array of stakeholders, research and insight studies to help us align the wider social, economic and environmental risksĀ