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Relief as NCDF Partners New Creation Properties on Affordable Housing Delivery

Smiles is about returning to the faces of homeless Nigerians as the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) has signed a new partnership deal with New Creation Properties, a building contractor with sophisticated housing technology.
The Nigerian Capital Development Fund since its inception has continuously provided affordable homes for Nigerians.
Since its advent 8 years ago, the social investment institution has executed so many projects. Some of these projects which aims directly at helping the masses and communities in Nigeria include; affordable housing, social finance, agriculture, tourism, environment, telecommunication.
The institution since its establishment has improved the living standards of people, touched lives with its affordable housing provision scheme.
This partnership is coming at a time when Nigeria is bedeviled with the problem of housing shortage of over 17 million, coupled with the unprecedented high unemployment rate in the country.
Housing is one of the fundamental human needs in addition to food and clothing. It is equally a significant indicator of a person’s standard of living, and sometimes also an indication of place or status in the society.
The performance of the housing sector is a significant measure of the economic health of a nation. In advanced countries, for example the United States of America, the housing sector is a major driver of the economic engine.
However, from a few years after independence, access to land and affordable / habitable housing has for the most part been an unfulfilled dream to a displeasing large proportion of the middle and lower class population.
This move by the NCDF should be applauded as it would surely provide shelter for Nigerians, create jobs for the youths, which in turn supports government’s efforts towards providing and creating an enabling environment for national development and of course actualizing the seventeen (17) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which include poverty alleviation; improved education; access to clean water, sanitation, clean energy and good infrastructure; gender and economic equality in Nigeria.

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