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Realty Entrepreneur (rEntrepreneur) is a project aimed at creating new jobs and careers in affordable housing sector. rEntrepreneur will empower the new generation of young Nigerians with high-level training and skills in sales, marketing, business development, project management and technology through Nigerian Capital Development Fund – MyHome Scheme.

Problem Statement

A statistics done by the International Labour Organisation in 2017 estimated youth unemployment rate in Nigeria at 13.41 percent, with in an age group of 15 to 24; as against the 15.5 million estimated smart phone users in Nigeria.  The contrasting figures expose the quest for information (or its misuse) as hinged on association, hence the premise; man is a social being with needs. Some of these needs are 17 million housing deficit, and capacity in area of developmental education as an adopted mandate against under-employment and unemployment


Opportunity In the Sector

The NCDF MyHome Scheme is designed to supplement what is clearly an uneven economic recovery, research has shown that the housing provision will stimulate local economic benefits thereby increase job opportunities and improve quality of life. The World Bank Housing Finance Conference held in Washington DC confirmed that Affordable Housing is a global economic opportunity that is yet to be grasped in developing countries. Nigeria requires minimum of 100,000 quality affordable homes annually; about 4 – 5 billion US Dollars in market value.


Enrollment into the rEntrepreneur Program strategically positions participants to the following –

  • New Career Development
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Job-time Flexibility
  • Self-employment opportunity
  • Regular Income
  • Networking

Project Objective

rEntrepreneur aims at creating jobs for youths in an age group of 21 to 35years old in the affordable housing real estate sector.

Empower focus demography, exposure to available opportunities in the sector, brokerage to home buyers under the MyHome Scheme (serving as internship /pilot establishment), in line with portfolio management, and property delivery.