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The social economy organizations that include co-operative societies, credit unions, mutual societies, foundations, associations, social enterprises, paritarian institutions, and other community-based groups that share common values and features.

Your application to SEIGI requires:

  • The Application form duly filled by the applicant

Upon the successful check on your application, we will invite the Organisation Executives for the first meeting to design programme plan. It is a custom made programme to be determined by the status of your organisation

We do not reject genuine application but you may not be qualified for all solutions. The application fee is not refundable for any reason.

All applications to the Nigerian Capital Development Fund are carried out online. All forms are required to be filled and submitted online.

Applicants stand an opportunity to access funding for projects, Provision of technical assistance in areas of organizational structure, business plan, product and services development, accounting & financial management support and provision of specialized training to mention a few.

Please contact us via mail at or call: +234 (0) 9 2920 958

Poverty, inequality and inadequate financial services are some of the pressing global issues which make financial services and achieving a wide array of development goals fundamental. Inclusive growth improves the overall quality of life of families and individuals. SEIGI seeks to bridge the financial gap by its solutions.

Following the need to develop new solutions and for proper social structure, NCDF’s SEIGI was formed to help the growth and sustainability of social economy organizations through financial and non-financial intermediary programmes and services.

SEIGI concerns itself with the following:

  • Serving as a vehicle for the provision of finance as a financial intermediary or / equity partner
  • Provision of technical assistance including organizational structure, business plan, product, and services development. accounting & financial management support
  • Provision of specialized training on social enterprises, social economy, and an all-inclusive growth process.
  • Provision of Affordable Housing

This depends on the services you are applying for. In case services need to be paid for, it is would be at a discounted rate and not the commercial rate.

Yes, you can apply; we will facilitate your registration. Until the registration is completed you cannot benefit from the solutions or services.

No, an individual cannot apply but a private company that are social enterprise can apply and such company must submit their social impact plan or report to qualify

The programme does not have a time limit, we plan to continue as long as it is making a positive impact in the society

Yes we can, you can registered with your proposed name to start. Helping you to set new organization will attract cost of services provider like lawyer, accountant etc.

Yes, we are starting with the states in Southwest and Northcentral part of Nigeria as first phase but it will spread to other parts of the country later

It is a multi-stakeholder partnership programme that involved social, private and public sector contributions

Please contact us via mail at or call: +234 (0) 9 2920 958