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Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) is a community investment corporation, a mission entrepreneurial entity. We provide innovative capital solutions and technical assistance to support enterprises and communities. NCDF is the first FairShares institution in Africa and founding member of The Impact Investing Alliance (TIIA) Nigeria. 

Nigerian Capital Development Fund was Commissioned in 2009 and incorporated in 2010 as Limited by Guarantee. NCDF mobilizes and manages investment capital through a wholly subsidiary NCDF Investment Limited to achieve and maintain long term financial sustainability.

NCDF acts as a champion for impact investing and help to increase the awareness and confidence of impact investing in Nigeria. We seek to create jobs, build wealth and develop communities using investment as a tool for economic development. Our business model demonstrates that connecting communities to the capital market is a sound investment opportunity and has the ability to deliver excellent returns on investment while significantly impacting the lives of people and communities.

The Nigerian Capital Development Fund was formed following extensive studies on the need to support the Government of Nigeria in achieving their sustainable developmental objectives. It is clear that governments alone are not sufficient to address the needs for the development of the people and communities.

Our Vision

Create jobs, build wealth and develop people and communities using investment capital as a tool for economic development.

Our Objectives

To provide vehicles that will make funding accessible to the low and mid-income earners and underserved communities in Nigeria.